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Beware, Heavy Stress at Work Triggers Serious Disease

Severe stress at work can occur due to various pressures, ranging from situations to unsupportive work environments. If left unchecked, in addition to affecting your mental state, stress can also affect your health. Work stress not only makes you lazy to go to the office, but also can make you feel very tired, irritable, more easily hurt, difficult to concentrate, and difficult to sleep at night. Causes of Severe Stress at Work The following are some conditions that can cause a person to experience severe stress at work: Workload that is too heavy or too much Work demands and pressures that are not appropriate or beyond capability Low salary Do not master the field of work involved Did not get appreciation from superiors Too perfectionist Having a bad relationship with your boss or coworkers Get too strict supervision from superiors Unhealthy work environment Job stress is common, but that does not mean you can ignore the symptoms that arise due to stress. If not handl
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Learn How to Handle Broken Teeth

Many things can cause a broken tooth, such as falling, fighting, accidents, hitting hard objects, or biting on ice cubes. Fortunately, broken teeth can sometimes be reattached so they look like they used to. When experiencing broken teeth, do not immediately remove the fracture. Save the broken part and bring it to the nearest dentist as soon as possible. If possible, the doctor will reconnect the fracture to the teeth. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it is for the dentist to fix the broken tooth. Broken Teeth First Aid Before going to the dentist, it is recommended to do a few tips below as initial help for broken teeth: Try to attach the fracture to the original tooth. Then bite into the gauze or the wet tea bag slowly so the teeth don't move much. Be careful not to swallow the tooth. If you find it difficult to do the above, put a broken tooth in a container containing a little cow's milk or saliva, then take it to the dentist. If the tooth hurts, take p

High Cholesterol Can Occur In Children, This How To Overcome It

The condition of high cholesterol is not only owned by adults, but can also be experienced by children. High cholesterol in children is usually caused by heredity, but can also be caused by unhealthy eating patterns. Come on, know more about the causes and how to overcome them, Mother. Cholesterol has various functions for the body, including producing hormones and vitamin D, and producing substances for the digestive process. There are two types of cholesterol, namely high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or known as good cholesterol, and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol in the body should be high, while bad cholesterol must be kept low. If the amount of bad cholesterol is high, it can cause diseases such as heart disease and stroke, including in children as well as in adults. Understanding the Causes of High Cholesterol in Children Normal cholesterol levels in children are actually not much different from adults. The limit on total cholesterol is 200